Online Wedding Venue Reviewer, The Hitch, claims Fox Canyon Vineyards to be one of the “top ten best mountain wedding venues”.


A vineyard on top of a valley: Is there even a better way for your guests to enjoy a glass of wine? This venue creates a twist on a traditional mountain wedding venue. Picturesque settings are at every turn, and with over two acres of flowers and manicured grass, over 150 matured trees, and a vineyard, you are sure to be in awe (and get beautiful photos to last a lifetime). Located in Idaho’s Snake River Wine District, yet just a ride away from the lively capital of Boise, this venue is a match for those looking to escape into the country.

Fox Canyon Vineyard has a spectacular view of the valley and the river below (one of the benefits of being situated on a 200 foot cliff). If that’s not enough nature to surround your wedding, that’s okay, the venue site also has a waterfall, rock garden, vineyard and century old cottonwood trees, allowing you to be one with nature. Comfort is also key. The venue boasts a brides’ and grooms’ quarters, honeymoon suite, and professional staff dedicated to make your special day go off without a hitch, allowing you to be completely relaxed while still in the middle of it all.

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